Losing Weight
vs. Losing Fat

Losing Weight vs.

Losing Fat

It can be disconcerting to discover that losing weight does not mean the same as losing fat does. It all comes down to what happens to fat cells.

  • YES. Weight loss decreases the size of fat cells.
  • NO. Weight loss does not mean that fat cells disappear.

The amount of fat cells we have is determined during our adolescent years. Whether we lose or gain weight does not raise or lower the level of fat cells. It does, however, adjust their capacity.

Fat Cells Post Losing Weight

After responsible dieting and losing weight, fat cells do minimise, but the amount of fat cells in your body remain the same. If you gain weight, the fat cells continue to grow.

Fat Cells Post
CoolSculpting Treatment

The CoolSculpting treatment lessens the amount of fat cells by approximately 20 to 25 percent.

The targeted fat cells are organically processed and destroyed so that they will not move to other areas of the body. There is only change to the treated areas.

The result?

Targeted fat cells disappear forever

Those relentless bulges of fat begin to fade, leaving you with a sculpted-looking body. Following your CoolSculpting session, you will not have lost weight.
However, you will look slimmer.









After Treatment

Your Body Processes the Fat Cells

This image represents a normal fat cell.

As the treatment is applied, fat cells freeze and begin to die.

When the cells start to die, the fat cells start to breakdown.

Following the CoolSculpting treatment, other cells use up the dead fat cells. Eventually, the fat cells will be organically processed and removed from the body.

Say Goodbye to

Fat Cells Forever

The CoolSculpting procedure will not help you lose weight. However, if you want to get rid of excess fat and look skinnier in your clothes, CoolSculpting treatment may be right for you.


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