Before & after images can be useful educational tools,

but can also be misleading when not viewed in context

Using before and after photos to demonstrate the results of surgery can be both educational and insightful. However, the use of before and after photos as a powerful marketing tool has historically been abused and can be damaging as well as misleading.

Before & after photos demonstrate the starting point and the end point of a procedure, but do not give any insight into the process, the patient factors or the surgical techniques used to achieve that result.

Our society has set out guidelines for advertising and cautions us in the misleading use of before and after photos.

We understand that you would like to see the type of work that our Surgeons can produce, but it is wrong to think that a result on one patient can be identically extrapolated to yourself.

Our Surgeons are proud of their results and routinely photo document each case from the initial surgery through to discharge of care.

Our Surgeons will gladly go through pre and post-operative pictures that are relevant to your body, your problems and your surgery. Often a series of photos will need to be shown to demonstrate the subtleties of the different components of your surgery.

Pre and post-op pictures on our web site have been included to demonstrate the basic concept of the surgery, Our surgeons would prefer to have a face to face meeting so that their discussion can be tailored specifically to you.

We will soon provide pre and post-operative pictures for each category on our site.

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