The fee structure for your surgery will be transparent and clarified during your consultation process

Your surgery fee structure

The fee structure for your surgery will be transparent and clarified at or soon after your consultation.

As a general rule, surgeries of a cosmetic nature will have no private health or Medicare rebate. Many procedures, however, such as breast reduction, breast asymmetry correction, breast reconstruction and abdominoplasty may have an item number that would entitle you to a rebate in specific circumstances. It is important to explore and clarify this during your visit to Waverley House.

The cost of your surgery has been thoroughly considered to reflect the amount of resources required to deliver a safe, efficienhigh-qualityty service.

It is easy to misjudge the quality of a surgeon or practice based on costs. It is for this reason that we do not post our prices on this site. We would rather you meet our surgeons and experience our facility to make your own judgment.

Needless to say, we believe our costs are ethical and within a reasonable range that would be expected for your surgery in South Australia.

We understand that costs are an important part of your surgery and it is important that the process is transparent from the beginning. Our staff will happily clarify any questions you have about the costs of your procedure.

Some important things to consider are

How much rebate will you receive from:

  • Medicare Australia
  • Private health insurance
  • Work cover Australia

Surgery fees

  • Anaesthetic
  • Assistant
  • Theatre
  • Hospital stay

The cost of consultations

  • Initial consultation
  • Subsequent consultations

The cost of post-operative garments

  • Appointments
  • Surgery
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