Breast reconstruction restores symmetry and form to give you the confidence to pursue life

Breast reconstruction has evolved over the decades to become a complex multifaceted program of care; it takes time and usually involves more than one procedure. If you are facing breast reconstruction, you may have already lost your breast through cancer or are considering mastectomy for an existing cancer. On the other hand, you may be considering mastectomy to counter the risk of developing a breast cancer in the future.

Decisions in Breast cancer are complicated and are often made in the setting of a multidisciplinary panel of specialists. This team would traditionally include Breast surgeons, Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Radiologist, Pathologists, clinical Geneticists and Plastic surgeons. First and foremost the breast cancer treatment must take priority. The reconstruction program must be integrated into the complexities of breast cancer treatment without compromising cancer related outcomes.

Breast reconstruction is often multi-staged surgery, that embodies the essence of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery; the reconstruction program should lift and enrich the soul. The benefits of breast reconstruction unquestionably reach beyond the simple reconstitution of form and symmetry. Breast reconstruction patients feel “whole” again and can pursue life with confidence; it restores a positive life focus away from the breast cancer or mastectomy that can throw their life into turmoil and question. Breast reconstruction can help to rebuild your body and your life.

Our Surgeons are specialist breast reconstructive surgeons. They are familiar with all the techniques available and are ready to have a discussion with you about your options.

You may be considering an implant-based reconstruction, a latissimus dorsi muscle flap or an abdominal flap such as a TRAM or DIEP flap breast reconstruction. It is very difficult to summarize the benefits and limitations of these options out of context. It is often stated that in breast reconstruction, you don’t choose the type of reconstruction that you will have. The reconstruction best suited to you often becomes obvious after consultation with our Surgeons who will review your individual details and examine you. Our Surgeons will gladly spend the time with you to explore your options and explain the process involved.

TRAM and DIEP flap breast reconstructions can be long and involve delicate microsurgery towards the end of the procedure. Having done these procedures together many times before, our surgeons have developed a familiar and efficient process, which minimises the duration of the surgery. While speed is not the goal, the duration of the surgery can certainly affect other aspects of your recovery.

Dr Rodney Cooter is a specialist breast reconstruction surgeon. He is well equipped to guide you through your breast reconstruction.

Breast Augmentation patients are automatically included on the ABDR

Dr Cooter’s patients who receive a breast device are now automatically included in the Australian Breast Device Registry (unless they opt out) with the overall aim to improve patient outcomes with the assistance of a long-term database. Read More