A personal, calming and private space
that patients love

Waverley House Plastic Surgery Centre offers a personal and tailored service within the unique setting of a magnificently restored heritage bluestone building.

It is co-located with St Andrews Hospital in the picturesque southeast precinct of Adelaide’s CBD

The peaceful grounds house a beautiful water fountain and a vegetable garden maintained by the local community. Children explore and learn in the garden while patients, family and friends are drawn to its restful ambience.

Extensive modifications to this late 1800s building have produced a facility that is sensitive to its heritage while incorporating the needs of a day surgery facility. The result is an efficient, safe working system, which retains the charm and sophistication of the historic building.

It is a personal, calming and private space that our patients love and we love to work in.

There is ample street parking, rear door vehicle access and an elevator to the first floor.

Waverley House Plastic Surgery Centre is fully accredited by the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards.