There is no doubt that breast augmentation can be extremely gratifying with unquestionable dramatic benefits to appearance, wellbeing and confidence.

Breast Augmentation can Restore Lost Volume and Enhance Chest Size

Breast augmentation refers to increasing the volume of and changing the shape of breasts by the surgical placement of breast prostheses.

Breast augmentation has become the poster child of Plastic surgery. It is meshed into our complex and colourful popular culture. Most of us will know someone who has had the procedure and we have all seen examples of good and bad results.

Women seek breast augmentation for a variety of reasons, not just to increase their bust size. Most commonly, women want a more balanced body shape. They seek breasts that complement their height, shoulders, waist and hips.

Some women have very little breast tissue and are just aiming for a modest increase to be more feminine, while others seek a more dramatic change to their proportions. For some, an increase in volume is just as important as a change of the shape to their breasts. Whatever the reason, Breast augmentation is an extremely powerful tool in transforming the body form.

How is Breast Enlargement Performed?

Breast surgery requires patients to go under a general anaesthetic. This will ensure that the process is pain-free and as comfortable as possible, allowing our surgeons to do their job properly.

Small incisions will be made into the insertion area to create a pocket for the breast implants. This can be underneath the breast, near the armpit or at the areola. The best incision site will be decided by a professional and it can be different for every patient. Once the implant has been inserted, the skin is stitched back up. Breast enhancement normally takes around one or two hours of surgery.

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Are there any Side Effects to Breast Augmentation?

You can expect your breasts to be tender and sensitive after surgery. There can be some swelling and discolouration present, which is caused by the change to the chest’s shape and insertion of the breast implants. Every effort is made to make sure that any scars from the incisions are not visible. Usually, the incisions will follow the natural creases of the skin.

Is there Downtime associated with Breast Enhancement?

Breast Augmentation does require some downtime for proper recovery from surgery. It is recommended to take around one or two weeks off work to ensure that some of the side effects have eased. In addition, you will have to wear a support bra after breast surgery to encourage the correct shape. Strenuous activities and exercise should be avoided for around three to four weeks. The results of breast enhancement will be a gradual process.

Breast Augmentation patients are automatically included on the ABDR

Dr Cooter’s patients who receive a breast device are now automatically included in the Australian Breast Device Registry (unless they opt out) with the overall aim to improve patient outcomes with the assistance of a long-term database. Read More

Women seek Breast Augmentation for a variety of reasons, not just to increase their bust size. Most commonly, women want a more balanced body shape.

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What Happens at the Breast Augmentation Consultation?

Your initial consultation will focus on your goals while exploring the idiosyncrasies of your general health, body shape, chest shape, breast size, shape and symmetry. Your breast augmentation is unique to you and your lifestyle. No one else can have the result that you will have.

Our Surgeons will help to you understand what it might be like to have larger augmented breasts and what the implications are in the context of your lifestyle, age and childbearing intentions.

Based on careful measurements taken during your consultation by our surgeons, you will be guided through the multiple decisions that allow the simple concept of breast augmentation to become a highly personalized procedure.

Our Surgeons will also outline the risks involved in breast augmentation and what the implications are for the rest of your life.

Dr Rodney Cooter has a special interest in breast aesthetic surgery and is well equipped to help you achieve your goals.

At Waverley House Plastic Surgery Center Adelaide your Breast Augmentation will be registered with the National Breast Device Registry to continue to collect objective data in a field that has historically been unregulated and difficult to monitor. This is an initiative that will improve the quality and safety of breast implant surgery.

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