The tummy tuck has the ability to re-contour your lower abdomen and give you the confidence to wear the clothes that you enjoy

The tummy tuck is a procedure that can address excess lower abdominal skin that has come about through previous pregnancies or dramatic weight loss.

Whatever the cause, the abdomen requires careful consideration in achieving balanced results. In women considering an abdominoplasty, there is often the loss of the “waist” which would normally provide the visual break between the breasts and the hips giving the impression of a feminine shape.

The ideal waist is not a flat tube, but a smooth series of soft convexities and concavities, which transition seamlessly from the breasts to the hips. This balance of contour and form should be apparent from frontal, oblique and side on views. The waist should complement the hips and breasts rather than simply be as flat as possible without character. This natural undulation is reflective of a youthful underlying muscular tone and even distribution of skin and soft tissue.

The procedure itself involves removing excess skin in a pattern that results in a contoured waistline as well as tightening and repairing muscle that may have been affected by previous pregnancies. Scars are kept as low as possible.

Ideally, you should not be considering future pregnancies and you should be at a weight, which is modest and stable before considering an abdominoplasty.

At your initial consultation, our surgeons will explore your goals in the context of your general health, weight and lifestyle.

Dr Rodney Cooter regularly performs this procedure allowing him to develop a highly critical understanding of the subtleties of a good abdominoplasty.

If you are considering an abdominoplasty and would like to see one of our surgeons please make an appointment for an initial discussion.

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