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Breast augmentation

~ Why Breast augmentation?

Many people consider having breast augmentation surgery, and each patientís reasons and needs are different. It may be that your breasts have not developed to your preferred size or that they are uneven. Many women find that after having children the shape and size of their breasts changes, and that some of the fullness or firmness has been lost. Whatever the reason, breast augmentation can increase the size of your breasts, correct minor sagging and increase breast firmness. Dr Cooter will discuss your individual concerns with you, and after taking accurate measurements he will recommend the appropriate procedure to help you achieve the desired outcome.

~ I have heard that breast implants are not safe!

The implants that were used in the early days were made of silicone in a liquid form. If there was any deterioration or damage to the implant, it was possible for the silicone to escape from the implant shell. There was quite some controversy regarding the liquid silicone filler so surgeons changed to using saline filled implants. However, advances in technology and research have seen the implants of today being made from silicone gel, which has the consistency of set jelly, so even if the shell of the implant is damaged in any way, the silicone should not leak or escape. Dr Cooter only uses implants that have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and all our patients have their implant information recorded on the Breast Implant Register which is administered by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

~ I donít want it to be obvious that I have had surgery!

The modern implants have a very natural feel, and can be round or anatomically shaped. Usually Dr Cooter places the implant under the pectoral or chest muscle and this is done through a small incision under the breast, in what is called the inframammary crease. This natural crease helps to conceal the scar however in some cases where scarring may be an issue, the implant can be inserted via an incision either around the nipple or in the armpit. Dr Cooter will discuss your size and shape preferences with you in detail prior to surgery and a lot of time is spent choosing the implant that will provide you with the best and most natural looking result.

~ I am really fearful about going to hospital and having an anaesthetic!

Today it is possible to have a breast augmentation procedure as Day Surgery. At Waverley House we are able to perform breast augmentation in very comfortable, private and safe surroundings, without a general anaesthetic.

Our Specialist Anaesthetist can provide sedation and paravertebral block anaesthesia, which is an injection of a local anaesthetic into the paravertebral space which is found on either side of the vertebral column.

This numbs the chest area both during and after surgery. A study of patients receiving this type of anaesthesia has been published by Dr Cooter and Dr Rudkin and the results indicate less nausea and vomiting are experienced and recovery is quicker and more comfortable than with general anaesthesia.

~ How long will I be away from work?

We suggest that our patients plan to be away from normal duties for two weeks after surgery. It is important to rest in the initial post operative phase as this helps the recovery process. We recommend that patients do not drive for the first 10 days after surgery (or until the dressings have been removed) and Dr Cooter has reviewed your progress. After the first two weeks light housework can be done and you may return to work as long as your job does not involve any heavy lifting. Light exercise such as walking is fine however full chest exercises at the gym should not be recommenced until 3 months after surgery.

~ How much will it cost?

There are several costs involved and Jenny, our practice manager, will discuss these with you after your consultation with Dr Cooter. There is a surgical fee, theatre fee, anaesthetic fee and a separate charge for the implants themselves. If this is a cosmetic procedure there is no rebate from Medicare or your Private insurance, and all accounts are subject to GST.

~ What if something goes wrong?

At Waverley House we are committed to providing our patients with the best care possible in a safe and comfortable environment. We provide each patient with a satisfaction questionnaire which can be anonymously returned and we are more than happy to receive your feedback. If you have any issues at all regarding your surgical outcome you should discuss this freely with Dr Cooter. Every attempt will be made to provide you with a satisfactory result without incurring any further costs.

Further information on breast augmentation from The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
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